You can’t walk into a workplace, school or home without finding plastic reclosable bags working their magic in creative ways. Reclosable bags have in many ways, become a universal necessity and Vera Plastics is proud to offer these top quality bags to our customers.

How are our bags used? Here are some ways:

Reclosable Bags Get Top Grades in Classrooms

In younger classrooms and daycares, plastic resealable bags are a must! They’re used to organize and separate arts and craft supplies. Markers and crayons can be colour coded and easily stored. The transparency of the bags makes the contents easily identifiable.

The larger bags are also used in classrooms to hold and store extra sets of clothing for the students who may require “wardrobe changes” from time to time. Vera Plastics’ high-quality materials make soiled clothing no match for our bags. Store them cleanly and send them home with the child.

Teachers have also been known to store playdough in reclosable bags. What better way to seal in the product’s moisture?

In higher grades, classrooms are filled with small game pieces and learning tools that are easily organized and stored in plastic reclosable bags. Consider puzzle pieces, math cue cards, game pieces, etc. For even more superior organization, one can label the contents to ensure that everything is returned to its proper bag. Of course, this also works for toys and parts around the house. Leggo pieces are also a great item to bag, for example.

Reclosable Bags offer Smart Storage Solutions

Larger reclosable plastic bags are an organizer’s best friend. What better way to safely store out of season clothing for example? You can categorize your items into separate bags and toss them into a large bin. When it’s time to bring out those clothes, they are intact. clean, neat and organized in categories.

When children bring home piles and piles….and piles of artwork, what is one supposed to do with all of it? Simple! Toss it all in a plastic reclosable bag, label and store it. It stays neatly in one place and your home will be safe from glue, glitter and paint.

Hardware bits and small tool parts can also be properly and neatly packaged and stored in reclosable bags. You can keep all your different sizes and shapes organized for easy retrieval at your convenience.

Food storage is another functional and smart use for reclosable plastic bags. Most families are always appreciative of space-saving storage. Our bags most definitely achieve this. Our reclosable bags allow families to store a large amount of food in the freezer, and due to the flexibility of our bags, storage can be configured to fit every freezer.

Reclosable Bags are an Asset to Any Workplace

Made from 100% strong and durable Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), our plastic items are proudly one of the most popular thermoplastic materials in the world.

Many employees work in the field or on the front lines, and can’t simply keep their devices on a desk beside them all day. Doctors for example, are constantly on their devices such as mobile phones or tablets. In order to avoid disinfecting the devices so frequently (which may take its toll on the longevity of the device), Vera Plastics reclosable bags offer a perfect option. The touchscreens work through our plastic and the plastic can be disinfected after each use, thereby extending the lifespan of the devices.

Lab Technicians and Health Care Workers can safely seal, store and transport biological material for testing in Vera’s specimen bags. Our 3 layer, 100% LDPE plastic ensures that samples are transported intact and without contamination concerns.

General Contractors and Trades People can also easily, safely and orderly transport all their parts as they’re on the road going from one site to the next.

Food preparation businesses can benefit greatly from Vera Plastic reclosable bags. Bakeries can use our products to store ingredients and prevent cross-contamination in their kitchen, while bartenders and restaurants can cleanly and safely crush ice by placing the ice in the bag and using a rolling pin. The uses for our bags are endless.

Vera Plastics helps any business to stay organized, safe, and clean.

Use Reclosable Bags at Home

For busy working families who want quick, easy and healthy meals, bags can be used to hold marinated meat. Throw your poultry, meat or fish in a bag, pour your favourite marinade, stick it in the fridge, and by dinner time, you can have tender and flavouful meal ready to be cooked. This works too for veggies!

Leftovers are easily stored and packed away in the reclosable bags with no worries of spillage. Pre-pack snacks for the kids and leave them in the pantry. This way, parents can control portion size and it makes it very easy for little hands to simply grab and go.

Wrapping It Up

As a plastic packaging company, Vera Plastics is proud to be one of the industry leaders in high quality, durable and well priced reclosable bags. Our bags are used across all industries and all workplaces and are found in every home. Our bags are not going out of style anytime soon, as our world becomes more aware of contaminants and cleanliness standards, our products become even more highly demanded. We invite you to contact Vera Plastics for more ideas on how our bags can be used and how we can stock your shelves with our universally loved products.

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