Culture & Diversity


Culture & Diversity

Our Culture

VERA Plastics provides a supportive workplace environment, fostering positive relationships among all co-workers, supervisors, customers and vendors. We believe that everyone who works for and with VERA Plastics is a stakeholder in some measure of our success.

VERA Plastics fosters ongoing training and development to ensure that our employees have the tools they need to achieve their tasks effectively and reach their career goals. All VERA Plastics employees are encouraged to participate in improving our business processes. We strive to offer a platform for fairness and fun in the workplace and believe in a positive life/work balance.
By creating more value in the workplace, VERA Plastics is able to create more value in the marketplace.

Vera Plastics Diversity Statement

VERA Plastics is committed to creating a diverse culture in the workforce environment within the company and follows a policy of non-discrimination. VERA Plastics values its employees, customers and vendors and is proud to associate with companies and people from various geographical locations and diverse backgrounds.

Employees: VERA Plastics has a diverse staff from various cultures that mirrors Canadian tradition. VERA Plastics maintains a positive work culture by providing equal opportunities to people from all sectors in terms of employment, performance, training and career growth. VERA Plastics respects all its employees and their cultural traditions and encourages their contributions towards achieving the company goals.
Customers: VERA Plastics has a rich base of customers all across Canada and other countries that represent various industries, market segments and cultures.

Vendors: VERA Plastics has developed and continuously strives to maintain its business partnership with vendors across the globe.
All VERA Plastics employees have equal responsibility toward trying to achieving these diversity goals of the company.


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