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Polypropylene Products

Designed For Quality and Safety In Workplace Environments

What Is Polypropylene?

If you look in your fridge or cupboard right now, you’ll find polypropylene (PP) plastic because it’s regularly used for food storage.

What’s great is that it’s an inert material that doesn’t pose a health concern for consumers.

Is Polypropylene Safe?

Polypropylene is the safest of all plastics. It’s strong and durable with high heat resistance and won’t leach when exposed to warm or hot water.

Due to the strength and abuse, it can handle, polypropylene is the preferred packaging material for transportation either within Canada or across the continents.

Where Is Polypropylene Used?

Polypropylene is used in nearly every plastics market, from protective packaging to medical equipment. They can also be collected for recycling keeping them out of landfills to live another day as food containers, cutting boards, outdoor rugs and more.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) made from polypropylene are the most cost-effective recyclable solution for the storage and transportation of goods in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Poly woven polypropylene bags are widely used for storing and transporting agricultural products such as feed, fruits and vegetables. These bags are great for their versatility, durability, breathability and value for cost.

Polywoven bags are also great for reusable shopping bags. With the slowly emerging resistance to plastic single-use plastic shopping bags, the age of the reusable shopping bag is here.

When it comes to polypropylene products Vera Plastics is your go-to company for quality, variety, and service.

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