Vera Plastics Deli Bags,

Clean, Odourless, and Transparent for excellent clarity.

The best solution to keep freshness locked inside.

VERA Plastics deli bags are manufactured with strong and durable 100% Low-Density Virgin Polyethylene (LDPE) and are certified food safe, having a letter of No Objection from CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Designed with a superior quality pre-opened zipper to prevent unnecessary contact with other food items, these bags are completely sanitary, preventing both food-to-food cross contamination, and food-to-people contamination. Often hands can spread contamination while handling food and bags because of coming in constant touch with other types of food, surfaces or other contaminants.

Foods can be weighed within deli bags, and this can help prevent the buildup of a mess on your scales.

Vera  Deli Bags

Saddled Bags are an excellent option  for deli clerks while working with bags at at their working station. These bags provide  an added safety feature to workers while the machinery is in operation.

The slider facilitates easy opening and closing of the deli bags, making them very easy to use, especially for seniors and children; of course while maintaining the freshness of the content inside.

Deli Bags for meat and fish


Make sure that you use Vera Plastic Deli Bags to keep your deli stocked with the best and freshest foods.

CUSTOM PRINT PROGRAM: Customize eligible items with your brand and design.

To personalize your business, Vera Plastics offers custom-printed deli bags available in four options: regular zipper, slider, saddled and wicketed.

Contact VERA Plastics for your customized quote.

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