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At VERA Plastics, we believe in developing leaders to their fullest potential. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where our employees can shine and exceed expectations.

Our company is respected in the manufacturing and distribution industry and our teams are focused on process, innovation, quality control , and customer satisfaction. Every employee has an opportunity to become an expert in our safety and plastic solutions.

Perhaps VERA Plastics can be an important part of your career growth.

For more information on our job opportunities, send an email to info@veraplastics.com.

Designed For Quality and Safety In Workplace Environments

Company History

VERA Plastics is a subsidiary of RONCO that launched its manufacturing operations in 1996.

The company’s manufacturing capabilities have grown from a single glove line to a full range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and plastic products.

Our distribution network supports product sales to customers throughout the healthcare, food and industrial sectors and the original team continues to grow in all areas of expertise.

While VERA Plastics operates on a global platform, our growth and success for more than two decades has not lessened our approach to personalized service and a constant attention to detail.

Our goal is to be well known around the world for our brand excellence and outstanding service, as we continue to:

  • Address our customers’ needs.
  • Evaluate industry trends.
  • Maintain sound knowledge of quality and certification standards.
  • Establish ourselves as leaders in innovative product development and technology.
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